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Hale Reservoir Project

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Hale Reservoir Renovation Project:  2022 - 2025


It has been known that Hale Reservoir's dam would need to be rebuilt since the inception of the metro district.  Originally built as a farm pond, the outlet works have been inoperable for decades.  The dam breached twice in the last 15 years, and a temporary spillway was created to help avoid future breaches.  A new dam design was created and approved in 2014, but funds were not available to re-construct the dam at that time.  The State Engineer's Office examined the dam in 2017, reported that the dam was considered conditionally satisfactory, but only marginally so.

Since the original design approval, federal, state and local requirements regarding stormwater, drainage, water quality and dam safety have changed, and a review and update of the design is underway as of 2021.  Funding needs are being addressed, and CCMD is planning for a re-build of the Hale Reservoir in 2025. The original design may be found under the Metro tab, in Other Documents.  The new design is a smaller repair project, which will reduce the size of the reservoir shown.  

2022-09 HOA Presentation